Well, I’m in the home stretch now. The paper is coming along and it’s due Monday. I only have a few more pages to write before I edit it all and probably delete a couple page worth of filler. Then it’s on to my next paper (due next Friday) and my presentation due in a … More 16/11/2018


I was going to write about suicide but then I realized that was a bad idea. Today kinda sucks and I feel so stressed that I’m going to burst. I see no hope in the future, save for my life with Julie. I see the world spiraling downward toward an inescapable doom and wonder, “truly, … More 07/11/2018

04/11/2018, del 2

Sometimes, when you’re washing the dishes, you let your mind wander… “What do I really want to say about these bands? What am I actually arguing?” Then it came to me: “A case for nationalism in Nordic music.” Okay, okay, but hear me out. This move towards more national music (not necessarily nationalistic politics) is a … More 04/11/2018, del 2


I have spent the last day and a half lost in a world of darkness and ghosts as I binge watched “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix (side note, it’s incredible and if you’re into horror and have access to Netflix, definitely check it out). Having finished the show, I find in myself a … More 04/11/2018


Another nothing day. Did laundry, watched some Netflix, conceded that I’m sick (probably a cold or something). Tomorrow, I’m going into town to help Julie pass out CV’s and then I’m supposed to meet up with a classmate to work on that Musicology paper (they have a similar topic), but I’m not sure if I’ll … More 28/10/2018


Today was rough, but… good? My friend Sarah’s birthday is next Monday and she decided to combine it with Halloween (on Wednesday). Unfortunately, Julies dad and brother are in town then, so we decided to have a mini-party last night where the three of us and our friend Holly had several beers and some shots … More 27/10/2018