Update: Still here

I’ve started this blog several times over the last couple weeks but never get around to finishing it. I’ve got a lot to say and I never seem to be able to get it out properly. It always feels like something is lacking. Tonight is the Sankt Hans Bål and it’s supposed to rain. Last… More Update: Still here

I choose to live

No, this isn’t going to be a “depression post” as I’ve taken to calling them. I was just listening to a song by A Perfect Circle and the line seemed to fit. These days, time seems like an ever present thorn in the paw of the lion that is my life: raging and painful. I… More I choose to live

Livet er en drøm

I am asleep. The world around me is hideously beautiful: the people, the land, the buildings. As I stand outside the library smoking a cigarette, I look up at a sky slowly greying with ominous clouds as the sun goes into hiding. It feels unreal that I’ve been living here for 8 months, my old… More Livet er en drøm